By Red Ghetto Rebel

 January 24, 2017

Lower Brule, S. D. 

Turning away from the truth doesn’t make the demons go away. Ignoring reality only perpetuates insanity. The only way to save your children is to fight for them or avenge them. To save them you must confront what’s wrong with these reservations.
Resolution only happens when you face the demons and drive them out. The reservation demons are real. They are living breathing flesh. They slither through the reservation slums waiting for an opportunity to assault your child.
Putting fictitious excuses on the cause of suicide or drug abuse is the absolute worst excuse that any society can make. Every suicide has a story but to remain silent and not tell their story only allows the pedophiles to reign within reservation communities on both sides of the river or the prairie.
There is an evil in our camps. She was born of depravation and perversion. She slips past everyone giving hand outs along the way. She buys souls for meth and money.
She seeks out her victims and grooms them so as to exploit them. She tells them that she knows them better than they know themselves. She will prostitute your relatives and embrace you as she does it.
She has killed countless young relatives indirectly with her perversion. When they kill themselves chances are she provided the drugs and the circumstances that caused it, chances are she drove them to it.
She ensnares her victims in her web of addiction making them dependent on her, obedient and loyal to her.
She plays her roles well. She can be a motherly security one day and a sister the next. But always she slowly drags her victims from the protective circle of their families toward to her trailer park nest so she can groom them with her dirty filthy hands and forked slimy tongue.
She has a taste for females and she is proud of that. She was groomed herself which is why she is so good at hiding her responsibility in plain sight and why she likes the women. You probably shook her hand or gave her a hug. You probably gave her money for drugs.
Her Billy bastard ways where engrained into her those many moons ago but the difference is she profits off the suffering her victims while remaining indifferent. A tried and true sociopath with a bank account and a stash for later.
Once captured, she prepares her victims for sale. Luring them into her hole where she rips their dignity to shreds. Once she is finished she guides them through the path of damnation with the light bulb and straw of addiction.
She is the pimp. She is the pedophile. She is the pervert. She hides these personalities with the façade of lies and her seedy obese smile.
She hunts the lost souls of the reservation and reaps them for profit selling their flesh to the white men who depend on her product.
When she fully destroys the souls of the young girls she preys on, she pushes them toward suicide. She “subliminally” encourages it. She blames them in her consoling way. When her victims no longer hold value to her or to themselves she sacrifices them to her lover the Satan of suicide and pays for their funeral and their star quilts with the same money that she sold and exploited them for.
She embraces the families of her victims and tells them how she loved their lost soul. How she is there to help and how she is a shoulder to cry on. The same shoulder that her victim innocently cried on as she walked them to the suicide tree that they replanted together in their back yard.
She uses the same love she used to kill the loved ones. When she is done she wipes her brow and washes her hands and celebrates their life. She martyrs them to lure other young women into her hellhole of conformity and subjugation.
Every moment that she jingles change in her pocket or jingles her keys, she is looking into the eyes of the girls and young women to replace the used up victim she just threw into the pit of despair.
The truth is, if you want to know the truth, you know who she is. She embraced you when they lowered your relatives into their grave. She called you when she heard the news, which she expected to hear.
She slowly “drug” you from your truth into her lies so that she can walk away from her implication unscathed. She kissed you and comforted you as she groomed and sold your child to put that change in her pocket and those keys in her hand to jingle.
She is reading this right now. Quivering as her sweaty palms clinch and turn. Once she stops reading this she will recite her prayer that the good lord watches over her. Little does she know that the devil, sooner or later, will want what’s due. God left her long ago just as the good did. He’s coming for you. The un-holy one is coming for you.
She will call you… because she has to. She has to keep her lies intact and her game. Some will follow her because they are her victims and don’t know it. Others will be forced to look. Forced to face the demon, face what’s wrong with the reservations and how people like her have kept this perversion and corruption alive for so long. They will have to face the truth and the light that comes with it as it shines onto her darkened sins.
The truth sets you free once you face IT.
The dogs usually cry when death comes. They cry today but not for death but because the redeemer walks toward camp looking for the banished and the perverted. Though they run he finds them.
The Great Spirit sends him when evil is in the camp. No white mans religion or bible will save you from your inevitability. Once someone shines the light of truth on you and exposes you, the un-holy one walks from the shadow of the trees, eventually you will walk in its shadow. He’s waiting for you there now.
He will find all your minions and those loyal to you. He will come as a disease, he will come as a cancer, he will come with indifference and he will have no mercy.
We called him for you…


The Conspiracy of Hope

By Frank John King III


National Native Media

December 29, 2015
Dakota Territory

In order to find the underlying cause of an issue you must first understand the origin of and history of its truth. Once you realize this truth, the solutions, no matter how unconventional they may be, will present themselves.

It doesn’t take effort to see what is happening on these reservations. It doesn’t take an educated person to know what role that reservation corruption plays in the continuous damnation of reservation tribes.

Corrupt and or inanimate officials, mothers, fathers, tribal members and violent poverty are interwoven into the tattered fabric of reservation communities and families. One begets the other, where one corruption ends another is born.

Some individuals may say that they aren’t responsible for this violent tribal poverty without fully understanding how much that they and their children are defined by it. It is a fact that the reservation people of today carry the legacy of the brainwashed and violently abused generations long ago. Historically bred to individually subjugate themselves, label themselves, and to hate themselves. Through this history the people became their own enemy.

To deny that any native person (elected official or tribal member) isn’t responsible for this oppressed environment is simply untrue. Denial of this responsibility is a personal mental instability.

Ultimately, though, just as everyone is responsible for their own individual actions so must they be responsible for the fate that they create through these actions. It is in the irresponsible and violent acts that all cycles of abuse continue to roll forth from one “Reservation” generation to the next.

When you actually step back and take a good look at this generational event you see that the only true victim is the child who’s politics are confined to survival and food. They come into this world with no opinion or racism. They are born without self-hate or self-destruction. They don’t have doubt or disdain and they don’t judge or express violence. They are only dependent on the adults to guide their fate.

If their parents emotionally hate themselves and violently hate each other, if they are born out of a reservation one night stand, if their biological purpose was for a welfare check and not love, if they were born to support an addiction… then their suicide rope was already woven into their psyche once they opened their eyes to this world. They become hopelessly synthesized into this violent reservation dogma.

Societal Schizophrenia

These reservation communities are self-medicating and self-mutilating themselves in their normalized violent and substance abuse state of mind for a reason. These reasons may vary from person to person but they ALL originate in child abuse (physical or sexual) and neglect. If violent reservation ghetto-ism is the weed then child abuse (physical or sexual) is the root.

The greatest perpetuated corruption, on every level, is to deny this fact. When a reservation community normalizes violence and abuse over many generations it becomes embedded into the characteristics of the people. The people learn to admire the violent acts over the nonviolent acts, they honor the evil over the good they empower failure over success.

Ultimately their individual pain is still there seeking self-medication without facing their family demons. Coming to an accord with your own pain and accepting it without seeking resolve leads to self-demoralization.

In every generation the new stage is set. The characters are stepping in to replace the old ones and another corruption begins. This sadistic heritage cycles once again. This is the true broken hoop of reservation mental health.

The reservation families are all living cells of a greater tribal entity, when the majority of them are addicted the whole being becomes emotionally and mentally sick. Hope becomes the discriminated minority.

When a reservation community can’t disassociate what is real and what isn’t real, what is inappropriate behavior and what isn’t, what is violent and what isn’t or what is sexual abuse and what isn’t…this is a public health crisis. This is societal schizophrenia.

Oppression flourishes in this mentality. Depression becomes the inherent language of the people. Poverty at this point becomes more of a traditional way of life, binding everyone together into a de-facto violent ghetto reservation culture. IT becomes an accustomed way of life. Denial becomes the tall dark man standing at the threshold of another native youth suicide.

It is laughable to believe that, under these circumstances, giving money to change “reservation poverty” would actually be a solution. Would you give money to a meth addict on the street? It would be like prescribing gasoline to fight leukemia.

This reservation poverty isn’t caused by a lack of money or jobs as the bureaucratic, on reservation, poverty pimp programs would like the feds to believe. Yes there are limited jobs on the reservations but it’s not caused by a lack of financial resources or limitations. It is caused by the over all mental instability of its people. It is caused by a lack of culture, an indigenous culture, which teaches love, self-respect and appropriate social behavior. It is caused by hate.

Cultural self-discovery is the only path to change. The teachings of the Sacred Pipe have laws that address the issues of meth use and meth addicts. It may not be what the people want to accept but one must not question the sacred laws of their Great Spirit.

The original cultures of all tribes teach what’s right and what’s wrong, what is family and what isn’t, what is healthy and what is a sickness. These traditional prayers doctor the minds of the people and provide the punishments for those who break these laws.

The fact that the people are self-medicating themselves so that they don’t have to cope with the reality of the environment in which they live should be enough proof to show anyone with common sense that what is currently being done by the tribal political and social hypocrisies it isn’t working.

Traditional prayer has more power to heal our people than any other imposed religion, including Christianity. A traditional religion defines who you are and who your ancestors were. Did our people arrive with Columbus? Did our ancestors suffer under the Kings of Europe? Did the grandfathers ride with the 7th Calvary?

Again, denial of truth is denying your own path to self-discovery.

We have all heard this story of our past before…

If violent reservation ghetto-ism is the weed and child abuse (physical or sexual) is the root then the boarding school history is truly the seed.

To remove the hope in the indigenous people to steal their land and rights, the violently greedy and politically motivated society had to erase the living culture out of the minds of the children. This happened by first labeling indigenous people as an uncivilized threat. Once this labeling was established and driven into the psyche of American politics and culture, killing the culture of the indigenous people became manifestly justifiable.

This “justified Indian solution” was designed to create generational inferior families and communities. When the first generation abuse victims were beaten and raped by the Nuns and Black Robed molesters in the boarding school institutions of long ago the seed of contemporary reservation life was planted. A beaten child grows up not to question the whip or the lies, and so passes this on to their children and grandchildren.

The old sacred medicines of our tribes, that are so desperately needed today, became violently erased by these policies imposed upon the our grandparents of long ago and yet that Christian fear still remained embedded into the psychological scare tissue of todays reservation families.

Violence became that necessary act needed to kill the great cultures of our people. Christianity, as a weapon used against the children, was wielded in a sadistic way to control the future generations. Generations made to believe that indigenous cultures were evil and that their church was the only way to pray. To be civilized meant to pray like them and forgive them for what they did. Today you are a byproduct of that Christian based legislative agenda.

Cluster Housing Oppression

Nothing has changed on these Indian reservations because of this truth. Indigenous children are born into a sick and corrupted society guided by the delusional heritage of a de-facto racist Christian belief that the local red-neck/land thieves imposed upon them long before their generations were ever conceived.

The children are labeled by the white society as a child of a lazy, subhuman and substandard race. Once they are born into these reservation families and communities the young mothers sign away what little is left of their children’s sovereignty and heritage to the State Department of Social Services. They created this right of passage for our women and no one questions it. A tribe is truly only as sovereign as their children.

Many generations have become mentally lethargic and psychologically sick, gulping the mainstream poisoned reality of welfare. Welfare provides addicts a revenue for addiction, it provides children for state foster care, it provides prisoners for prisons.

The choice to change this has always been a difficult one to an “addict” culture. Many children for many men will eventually be the undoing of tribal sovereignty. This isn’t a tribal custom this is a cry for help.

The blame of these endemic problems that flourish today, in truth, falls squarely in the arms of the people. People have a choice to change their mind, change their actions but wanting change and coping with reality are incredibly distant to someone who can’t wake up from their societal schizophrenia.

Once a person has accepted their lineal defeatism they accepted their fate, giving birth to children who witness no hope or future but to follow in the miserable footsteps of their reservation parents who see it as normal.

Tribal corruption, embezzlement, physical and sexual abuse, violence, addiction are all characteristics of these historically dysfunctional reservation communities today.

This cycle of abuse is so malevolent and insidious that it has become a subculture to the tribes. But in truth all these violent acts are played out behind the closed doors of the cluster housing shacks occupied by the reservation addicts. They beat one another with the fist of sovereignty and call that “love”.

The people question why their reservations are the way they are but when a sick and violent society becomes a generational reality… the truth, even if it is right in front of their eyes, can never be seen or comprehended.

Living on the reservation one can’t truly understand what they are inherently taught not to accept. If your parents and grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents didn’t question their situation then why should the children and adults of today? Why should you?

Meth and the Sovereign Nation

Over the years our people have fought with the demons of substance abuse. Again this is a choice that all human beings make. Substance abuse doesn’t discriminate nor does it care who you are.

Alcohol was the first evil that was brought into our camps. Long ago the local whites, for their enjoyment, would set out a case of whiskey and watch the “Indians” kill one another. Back then the native people didn’t know that this would make them insane, they only knew that they could escape from their reality with it. Their insanity was byproduct amusement for the whites.

Today the evil in the camp is meth. Meth is the new case of whiskey but today we all are witnesses to the effects that it is having on our people. It is sad to watch one of the relatives kill themselves with meth. You can see it their eyes and in their actions, they are insane and in their insanity they drag their children behind them. They believe that you don’t see their addiction. Meth rots away their reality. It provides an unholy escape but at a great cost.

Rotting teeth and scabs, the look of death around their eyes. Their aura of lunacy precedes them. They scurry to find the next hit rambling their insanity in the forked tongue of denial. To a native society that can’t even conquer alcoholism… meth is the sickle that reaps the souls of the native people.

There is no way of politically and or legislatively diminishing this epidemic, you cant fight evil with politics. Expecting an unhealthy nation to police its meth self only brings out more political problems. It is an impossibility to combat an evil such as this with good intent and no action.

The only way to eradicate this evil is to fight it with another form of evil. Use the people who know this environment. Give the people who are coming from the prisons the opportunity to combat it. No one on the reservation ghetto is going to openly rat out to law enforcement but they would take direction from someone who speaks their language, whose reputation is respected in these reservation ghettos.

It is unconventional but these desperate times require desperate solutions.

Recreating warrior societies within the communities to hunt down and remove the dealers and the providers. To help guide those who have fallen to stand again and reclaim their culture and their families.

The tribes can banish but the warriors can scold. This approach solves two problems: One, the prisoners returning home have a purpose. Two, the meth dealers and addicts have an enemy that they can’t win against.

The Sacred Laws

Reclaiming the old ways in contemporary times is easy. Don’t let others distract the solution with lame political excuses like blood quantum or non-speaker. They learned how to put labels on each other from the white society. Blood Quantum is a BIA abortion and speaking or not speaking is a nonissue when it comes to defending the tribes internally. The only true distinction that should be asked is “are you a Christian or a Traditional” but that’s another story.

The First Laws of the Great Spirit are obvious. Never put your people in danger, Lead by example, Never abuse yourself with ego and hate (addictions), Teach your children the traditional culture, take care of your elderly, and never bring evil into the camp.

To learn the ceremonies and the medicines you must first commit to living the first laws. Do not fear your culture. If there is to be change you must first rediscover your original root.

My Grandfathers Teachings

Chief Leonard Crow Dog

“Yes! Yes! Good morning, I say. Good morning to Grandfather first. To Grandfather, good morning, I say. Grandmother Earth, I say, thank you. For walking and living [on Grandmother Earth], I say, thank you. For all the generations she has given us, I give thanks. So, we will understand things well, then, we will understand more clearly and we will hear clearly.

I am Crow Dog, keeper of medicine. I am from the Rosebud country. We come from the generation that was given to us. I am from the Aske (Wrapped Braids) people family, the Wakicuƞze (the ones who make decisions) people, Wagluhe (the Loafer band of the Oglala) people, and the Wowaheċuƞ (People who have values) people, the Ṫawiċoḣ’aƞ Wak̇aƞ (Their Sacred Ways) people, the Ṫawokaġe Wak̇aƞ (Make Sacred Things) people, and the Ṫawouƞspe Waṡt̄e (Teach Good Things) people. I am Crow Dog. I am standing at what is now the fourth generation and living into the fifth generation.

So, the first thing I will say is, first is this buffalo, and the tipi, and people, some people with whom I have brought my way of life and shared prayers with. So now, in the future, we will live with the white man. And we live with them and you know their language and understand it well. You will understand their language clearly, but now, some words can’t be translated. You will interpret those words for the generation that is coming, and with visions you will make them understand [those words]. If this happens, we will be a good nation.

Teachings for the common man have been put on this earth. The seventh generation of the people, and the generation that will walk [the earth] have talked to each other and prepared one another for that. We come from this nation. We are people of peace and for that we are called Lakota, also, we are called the common man. A very good vision was given to us, one of having wisdom and being watchful and talking to one another about it. So listen carefully!

The fathers, grandfathers came together and talked to each other. They tanned a hide, a buffalo hide. They placed marks on it [to tell stories and events]. So from these, from the counts that were marked, they told stories. Some men, the men of wisdom, told about this for the future. So as you go [in the future], [remember] they said this land is very sacred. This land, this earth [has] many [different] paths. And those [paths] have been made sacred, sacred, but you will pursue them. You will pursue [these paths] with honor and respect. And with this [the men of wisdom] will talk to you in a vision and a teaching. So tell this to each other as you go. This is how they told me.

The father grandfathers who were eighty, seventy and ninety-three years old told me stories. And so, what they told me, they told me this way, we will talk to you about spirituality. The words that you will speak, we will tell you, is the way you tell. As you tell it, tell it because it is the way. And don’t tell it after us, and don’t shorten it, they said. The future generations will use it, too, they said. So again tell them as we have told you, and as you tell, you will reach their spirit through their thoughts and teachings, they said. So, then you will talk to each other, they said. Even though you don’t say this, the spirit will hear it, and the body will hear it. So, you will tell them, so they can understand it.

The grandchildren will go, and as they are going, they said, grandchildren, look, they said. You will be walking with the white man. You will walk with people who have white skin. And they will show you many good things. But somewhere, greed will come, they said. If greed comes, be watchful. There are many dense forests. Walk through them and realize that if you rely on Grandfather’s eyes, ears, and heart, then your relatives will follow. And then, treat others with compassion and don’t get angry. When someone talks to listen! Have compassion for others! And look at people’s needs.

So, when the white man talks to you different, you will translate it your way. And inside of the buffalo skull, there is the brain, they said. Inside of the buffalo skull, there is his heart, kidney, liver are inside. And there is the lung, and veins are there inside of it. From those they will talk to you, you are going to translate it, understand and be grateful for it.

And so, my relatives, this morning, now we are standing with the white man. In the beginning, the very first time they came, they couldn’t understand our language. With their spirit, they brought a church and put it up. But somehow the spirit that we talk with, cannot reach them. Our spirit can’t reach them. But our own spirit, the spirit that is inside, we know it. And so, we do things with honor, and we never get greedy.

They have stolen riches, they have stolen gold. They have stolen oil. They have stolen coal. The earth has many ways. The rocks have been placed in it also, so that they will hear you and understand you. Do it this way. The people… the white man will stand like a dense forest, but you have a [way of] life that nobody ever will get into. We have given you a strong spirit.

Boy! You must realize this! Girl! You must realize this! The new lifestyles that you will walk with, have laws. You will walk with people who make things happen. So, what they have said, has been a lesson, a very good lesson today. It has helped many and has been good for you.

Grandchild, take it with respect and it will be good for you, so you can walk the earth with wealth and good things. If you find something, hear something, or see something, some men will get greedy, some men with white skin. The long knives will put barriers. The long knives will take something that is not theirs without asking. And in the future, they might give you a place to live, and that will be the only place you will have control.

Long ago, a buffalo, and an eagle was flying looking for a place to make a nest, standing there all spread out. And they will control it. So, they will take the egg and put it in another place. So the eagle would be sad. The buffalo will be sad. The deer will be sad. The beaver will be sad. The wolves will howl, he said. The birds will be lost. You will never have a homeplace, they said. But they will make themselves a homeplace, they said. The reason for this is that they made these laws, but they don’t keep them.

This paper, look at this paper…the health, the Lakota way of life… If you have the sickness, we will teach you how to live with them. Do you agree with that, they said. Then there was a loud “Yes!” Crazy Horse did not agree. I do not agree with us living with the white man at all. But Red Cloud agreed it was alright. Because he agreed, on that day Spotted Tail said, “Yes, if that’s the way, that is how it will be.” Iron Shell said, “Yes, I will touch it. I will touch this paper. I will touch this letter.” Iron Nation Said “Yes I will touch the paper”. So now, the generations that have come since then are standing here.

I don’t feel bad. Me, I don’t feel sad for the Lakota, I feel sad for the white people, because when they take something from the earth, they don’t pray. They keep digging and digging and take the oil out, gold, the sand and the coal. The white people never make offerings. They don’t know about offerings. So today, think about this, my relatives. They have made a treaty with us, so now we will live with many [treaties]. Then later, they made another treaty. They called names, they called names. They made the fourteenth new law. When they made that, the Lakota, the common man with this law will be put inside the fence,that is where we will go home. And only there you will have control.

And the buffalo, a man tried to annihilate the buffalo, but he couldn’t do it. The buffalo has a spirit, sacredness. Its pitiful, they will live only a short time. So now we have put them inside of a fence. The buffalo will be happy living on this earth, on this hunting ground, only when they go to over to that hill if they want to, or drink water, there is water there, from a pond, or drink water from a spring over here. The medicine plants and grass have all been changed. They feed them like we eat with their mouths open so their young ones are sad. But there is the pipe and tobacco that is good.

Think very hard about this, my relatives, and try very hard to understand. This is sad. You will set the grandfathers’ ways and you will walk with them. Over there, Grandfather has made a better land for us, a land where… No matter what a hard time you have on this earth, Grandfather has made a land for us to live there. There will be no suffering or sadness, he said. So he said there is a story. “Grandfather! Grandmother! are the white men going to that sacred land too?” Grandmother said, “no, the white men are not going there.” Why? “They have made us suffer on earth and made us carry our homes. They will never reach life, she said. Nobody will reach life, she said.

And so, they make laws that they do not keep. The hunting ground where you live are governed by their laws. they made laws for you. The feathers that you use to wear, the eagle plume that the girls use to wear, by that we know who you are, we know who you are, they said. Grandchild, I recognize you, I know who you are. So now there are papers, identification cards that you must have and so they will know who you are. So even as you are wearing the feather, the feather has a design which is inside of it. The old man knew this and he understood. The eagle feather also has a voice inside of it.

My relatives, it is different now. But the spirit inside us, no matter if we are having a hard time, and no matter if we are suffering, and no matter how we die, our spirit will never die. We will go to the land that Grandfather has made for us. We will live there. Crazy Horse lives there. Big Foot lives there. Sitting Bull lives there. Iron Nation lives there. Our grandfathers take off the things they wear in this world and live there. It is a land where the world will never end. The birds will sing, and the animals… The drum beat will never end in that world where we will live.

So that’s where we are standing today. The teachings are very short, they say, the white man’s teachings are very short. Why? They argue and fight about these teachings since they came to our land on a boat. So Grandmother, Grandfather, they have compassion for everyone. They had no food, they had nothing to eat. They showed them food, showed them what food to put in their mouths.

So look! they got greedy. They stole all the land. They say they own the land and that they are the boss. You will live our way and go by our laws. If you don’t go by them, there will be places where you will be tied up. Then we realized that the things they showed us would lead to us being tied up. Then they made more laws, laws that will be supreme laws.

If a man does something wrong, they put him behind an iron door [in jail]. Some men will be seated as judges, there are twelve men and women, but for the common man nobody speaks up. There are good lawyers, but some lawyers cannot translate our language. So, the person who takes blood will look at your blood and say, Yes, you did! You did this, and because of that now you will go to jail.

You will be tied up in all four directions like the wind. When you are traveling on the roads, you are nervous because they watch you to see if you are obeying their laws. The old men who I live with, who live here inside (of the buffalo skull), have interpreted this for me. Look at this hand! Only a few men have a hand like this. They have this hand, they have this hand and they touch sacred objects. And on the other hand, look, there is a cross. How? So, sacred, the Great Spirit makes good things. But they did a bad thing. They accused him, and nailed him on the cross. They treat us the same way they treated him, murdering in your home. If there is a law on this earth that sits highest, it is for killing people in their homes, but because they say they are the boss, they don’t need a paper and judge. They have a lawyer [to help them]. They have twelve on their juries. So there are twelve, but they are all white people, so they just eat us up. And they look at your paper, and, no, the man is lying. We are boss of the world, what we say, will be. They have treated us very badly since then. So, you must understand all of this!

The children who are born – do you see this tipi? Children are born inside there. There’s a fire inside there. And so, when a woman has a child, the afterbirth is tied in a bundle and touched [to the child]. They hang it out there and go inside. And so the child will never be lost, never be lost. The child… the child already has a teaching and a vision. From the beginning, [the child] already has a good understanding and a vision. And they already know father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, male cousin, female cousin, my grandchild, my nephew, these are my relatives.

These things are in place today and they will never go away. Grandmother has compassion for us. Grandfather has compassion for us. They say, Grandchild! Grandchild! Grandchild! My grandchildren, in the future you will live with the white man and you will have a hard time with this. But grandchildren, remember this! No matter what, your spirit will never change! You may try to change it, but you will never change yourself. Grandfather has given you sacred breath, to the red man, the red girl, the red baby, the red boy, here they put their own. This knowledge reaches from the earth to the sky, and thus they will never change you, they said. And you will never change yourself, they said.

So today, this day, the laws that they have made, for our land, communities, and reservations, we have been standing on top of this for fifty years. During [the fifty years] they made more laws, those laws they follow, they really follow the law. Yes, the grandfathers have put down the laws for the Seven Council Fires, but why can’t they follow those [our laws]. A man who steals will not ever live here, they say. They say that, yet they still steal. When they first came, we touched their treaty. Grandfather touched it. From that time, over there, buffalo, deer, fish, beaver, the animals that we eat, they are all gone. No more our dried meat. They have given us stringy food in a little pot. The tea that we drank now has been replaced by coffee.

My relatives, children, the white man has gotten inside of our bodies. How? So the love and good feelings that we have for one another now have somehow melted away. So the grandchildren walk around crying, father! Mother! Grandfather! The pipe is here, the tobacco is here. So think about it again! Think again! Recognize the Life Giver, there is a story there. I asked the one who interprets for me, Is the Bible good or not good, not good he said.

And so, go to the enemy’s hill, he said, and pour sand over yourself, he said. Take the Bible and put it there, he said. I will read it to you, he said. How? Yes, he read to me the words of the Life Giver, and here, that’s it! What he read to me was like a thought I already had deep inside my spirit. So, the red man, the red woman, the red grandmother, the adopted relatives, if you do it this way, you will go to the place where life has no end, where Grandfather lives. Grandfather lives.

If you don’t do it the right way, you will put yourself in suffering. The old man saw this in a vision and he told me about it. You are not at a white man’s school for these teachings, but I have read them to you, he said. So do it this way, and when you talk, do it the way I told you. When you talk, I will come and before you finish talking, I will show you these teachings, he said. Today I use this when I am talking. He said to pass it on. Pass it on, when you pass it, it will benefit the people, he said that.

I have now reached sixty-seven years and I am feeling nervous for what is to come, how, but the wind – how, the birds are flying, flying in front of me, they have gone past me. The wolf walks by, stops and stands there, looks around and passes by. The puppies are playing, see them. The birds are peeking from the nest in the chimney and peeking this way and looking at me. So, they talk and the old man interpreted for me. They are thanking you, he said. So, yes, [I said].

This day is sad and very difficult as I have little time left with my grandchildren. It will be like this. If you want the white man to speak the truth, let him interpret himself. And let him understand himself. They have made treaties, but they don’t live by them. Now, fifty laws. Look! Now, the people see these laws that we are living [under], we are living [under]. The red man is the [best], they say. He is the first man, they have said. And so, they have tried to change our life, they have tried to change our life, but, well, our spirit will never change. The breath from our nose will never change. Even though you are nothing, your spirit will never change, they said.

Grandchildren, there are four foods, grandmother told grandchildren. You must honor and respect the four sacred foods. So what are these foods? Corn wasna, dried meat, chokecherries, and tea. When you keep them in your home, nothing will go wrong, nothing will change. Today, you will show honor and respect in the most sacred way. Most cherish your female cousin, they said. Most cherish your older sister, they said. Most cherish your younger sister. Most cherish your female cousin. Cherish your male cousin. When you do it this way, even though they make a law against you, that law will never reach your spirit. Have honor.

And so my language is the language of the common man, Lakota. I speak from many ways, many ways of the language of the common man, some for five or seven. The old men have interpreted these [ways] for me, they talked for me. Your body belongs to us, they said. The eagle will interpret for me. The buffalo will interpret for you.

A snake was going, a rattlesnake was going, so I had bad thoughts. I took a stick and a rock and I thought I would kill him. So I raised my hand with the stick and the rock to hit him. And here, Friend, don’t do this, [the snake] said. I have been helping you, he said. Then I shed tears because he called me “friend.” It rattled and inside that rattle I could hear men talking. So I let this snake live with us in our home as part of our family. Some may think I’m crazy, but I will make them understand. Here this old man rattlesnake lives with us and I bring him food.

My relatives, learn to live with each other and have pity on each other and cherish each other. If someone says something about you, ask them if they are finished, then just say “thank you.” Now, if [somebody] strikes your cheek, show the other side. These things are very hard to do.

When I remember my sister, I don’t know what to do. And so, I heard the words of the Great Spirit, Grandfather, so [he said], Again, again you live in happiness,- behind me,- again you live in happiness, he said. And so, my bad thoughts are gone today. Nothing different will ever enter my mind. With the long knives, I live really arguing. They made us sign and touch some treaties, but they couldn’t do it right. They made the law, and there is nothing we can do to change it. That is what we stand on now. So there, when we only hear Grandfather’s words, and when we stay near him as we go, and no matter what anyone says, Grandfather is first and we will make it if he helps us.

So think about it very carefully. There are many different kinds of horses, animals. This summer they gave me some horses. And so, my sister, her name was [First Woman], they came and stood here, patted on my shoulders. This made me very sad. This is all I tell you now. I say thank you to all of you, all of my relatives, have compassion for one another! Have compassion for one another! Have compassion and comfort each other! Love one another! And tell each other good things. That will be it. Thank you.”



The Fire of Poverty

December 19, 2015

Lower Brule, S.D.

I address you, my relatives and the families of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, at this time, in hopes that I can explain to you and to the generations of today and tomorrow where our tribe has failed you and how it ended up the way it is now.

Over these many years and through many hardships our families struggled with the poverty in which we live. Those who could make it, left home in order to find a better life. Those who stayed took it one day at a time.

The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe became destitute and impoverished. Our tribe began to fall into a depression and combined with poverty we fell into oppression. We lost our hope we lost our voice. The hope that our Great Grandmothers and Grandfathers had was lost to the changing times and to the changing politics of our tribe.

Where there is oppression there is an oppressor. Our oppression was influenced by and caused by our own tribal council.

We all know of the unspoken law that prevailed over our people these many years and we have felt it in many ways and witnessed how it has slowly destroyed our families, children and our homes. I don’t need to explain to you who is to blame and who lit this fire of poverty because you all know who caused it.

Poverty is a form of violence and just as any other form of violence there is a victim and a victimizer. Over time and through many years of abuse our people became the victims of this sick Lower Brule Tribal Council Agenda, an agenda founded in greed and theft.

On April 3rd, 2015 our people were freed of this oppression, this corruption. There have been rumors in the past about how this government was run by the last chairman of our tribe for his benefit. In the past when and if we spoke out we would get a taste of his oppression by getting fired or getting our land taken or children removed… you name it he did it. Even I had my doubts that this could change.

I have been witness to this poverty just as you have and I have been attacked just as you have. My children were illegally taken by the corrupt Jandreau/ Judge McCauley court system, just as yours have.

In the beginning I set out to make this tribe accountable to its people, to you and your children. I used my voice to ask for an accounting of our tribe from chairman Jandreau and as usual he refused to answer, he refused to take responsibility for these many years of poverty under his watch.

When I asked for financial transparency he refused, when asked what happened to the money allocated to every tribal member in Lower Brule he refused to even listen.

When I asked he threatened, when I pushed for accountability he threatened, when I stood up for your rights he threatened. Then one day an outside organization, Human Rights Watch, announced their report on our tribe and what they found was that our tribe was in fact wealthy. We have companies and business, farms and ranches that stretch from Lower Brule to New York, Delaware, Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota off Reservation… On that day We all found out that in the previous councils wake… millions are unaccounted for.

No sooner did that story hit the press when another story hit the press, the Internal Revenue Service files liens on Chairman Michael Jandreau’s assets because he owes the IRS $664,000.00 dollars in unpaid personal back taxes.

Our families struggle to make ends meet, we struggle to pay the light bill or have gas money to search for assistance and yet this man owed $664K in personal income tax. We go to the tribal building and they tell us that they have no money. We seek assistance to claim money that is rightfully ours and were told to leave or else.

On April 3rd that all changed, why? Mike Jandreau passed on. He left this tribe in a huge financial and legal mess. He left it with unanswered questions and unresolved issues. Soon after he died our tribe came under investigations from the Department of Interior to the IRS. They want to know what happened to the funds that were supposed to be used for the people of the tribe. They want to know what happened to the millions of federal tax dollars that have somehow vanished. They want to know what happened to your money. Apparently there was money for you to pay your lights and heat, to buy school clothes and supplies, to assist you with travel and doctors appointments. Apparently you were lied to all along.

Our tribe is missing millions and Mike Jandreau and his council, the tribal general manager and other non-indians have had their hands in your pot of tribal funds for years. Our tribe has made a lot of white millionaires off the money meant for you and your families.

Now, the remnants of Mike Jandreaus criminality and unaccountability still sit on your tribal council. Orville Langdeau and John McCauley are just as much involved with the illegal actions that got our tribe into this mess as Mike Jandreau was. They have committed crimes against the people of Lower Brule and should be held accountable for them.

There is a reason why they fight so hard to keep these issues in tribal court. The tribal judge is bought & paid for. They have a lot to hide, a lot of money is missing, your money. They petition the tribal courts to keep this theft quite. They enlist the help of the BIA Superintendent and Law Enforcement to try to silence us like Jandreau did before. But what they forget is that Mike is dead, he won’t rise from the dead, his ghost cant run the tribe and he won’t ever be back. His days are completely gone forever.

Orville Langdeau is no Mike Jandreau and neither is John McCauley. They can’t regain Jandreau’s power.

They have fear because the law is coming and they believe that if they act like Mike it will go away. There was a reason why Jandreau’s health deteriorated. He was caught red handed by the IRS. He was looking at jail time and seizures of his property. Remember the day two FBI agents came to the tribal building (?) and picked up Mike Jandreau and led him out, they returned him later that day and he wasn’t the same. He looked like he just saw a ghost. He died soon after.

The IRS is now investigating the tribe. They are requesting documents that pertain to your Salazar Payments. Apparently the tribal members were short changed by millions in Salazar payouts. The IRS is wondering where the other bank statements are for the other 25 bank accounts that the last tribal council failed to tell them about, Orville Langdeau and John McCauley included. They are also concerned that there are more than 25 bank accounts and they need all the other accounts to be made public. They are wondering why Trish Lundell, a white woman, doesn’t have a paper trail on tribal money? They are wondering why large amounts of Pow Wow monies are gone? This is one investigation and this request from the IRS was served to our tribe the month of September 3rd, 2015.

You will hear Red and John bullshit you and lie to you but the real truth is on the horizon. Whether they like it or not they are accountable for these missing millions of your money.

To put it into perspective 1 million is $2,739.72 a day, $114.15 an hour. OUR! Tribe is being investigated for hundreds of millions missing over many years.
You, the people of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe need to know what’s going on up on the hill. You need to know why you are poor. But more importantly you need to know that Mike Jandreau is dead. Now is the time to take a stand. Now is the time to call for the removal of these corrupt council members, as well as investigations into Boyd Gourneau and Darrell Middletent and the others who lost their power when Jandreau died. Now is the time to act.

If you have any questions find me and I can tell you what Red and John are trying to hide, I can tell you how they are trying to hide it. I invite all the people in Lower Brule who haven’t been bought by the past leaders and or stole with them to join me and lets remove the final remnants of that old oppression.

If you want change, let us all expose the truth and do this for our children.



Official Liars of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe.

December 16, 2015

Lower Brule, SD


Tribal funding is a basic liberty provided for the social betterment and financial security of tribal membership provided by the United States Government. Elected tribal officials hold an office that is mandated, by the constitutional rights of the tribal membership, to administer tribal funding for the advancement and economic security of tribal membership.


Tribal officers are elected by a vote by the tribal membership under the understanding that once elected they will empower the tribal administration to aide and effectively create social progress and individual financial self-determination, self determination meaning jobs, financial assistance and education.


Did you elect the right people? Did a lie convince you to perpetuate liars?


While you linger, on the Lower Brule Reservation, other tribes are creating opportunities for their membership. While you are living with no heat struggling to get the bills paid in your dilapidated housing house this month other tribes are paying the heating bills for their tribal members who need assistance and for their elders and single mothers. While your family doesn’t have anything to eat today other tribes are welcoming their tribal members to their lunch and dinner programs. While your relatives are looking for their next high or drunk because your council is corrupt other tribes are sending their tribal members to work and are providing benefits for college and financial assistance for them to live a healthy life. While you gave up on your tribal council and tribal government other tribal governments and tribal councils are supporting their members.


The fact is the Lower Brule People elected the wrong officials. Even with the tyrant dead and buried these newly elected and recycled council representatives only push to serve themselves.


There is a difference between an “official” and “leader” just as there is a difference between a lie and a truth. Kevin Wright, Sonny Ziegler, Desiree LaRoche who were elected on the promise of change haven’t changed anything? They may say that their hands are tied and they may convince you that they cannot do anything about it but the fact is that this is a lie they lie to compensate for their inexperience and insecurity. They lie to get a pay-check. They lie to you out of their own fear so that they don’t have to take a stand against an old tyranny. Their weak hearts are at the rear, a warrior who runs from a fight is a coward but a warrior who lies to hide is cowardly act is an enemy.


The other two on council only need to scold these individuals in a load tone and they scurry off like beaten puppies hiding under the porch.


These “elected officials” are nothing more than liars, thieves, poverty pimps and political rapists. Even though the rights of the people are clearly defined in the constitution… five individuals today create your oppression. The worst crime and sin that any person can do when oppressed by lesser men is to turn away and do nothing about it when they have all the power to do something about it.


Would you stand by and watch your children and grandchildren get abused by a child molester and do nothing about it? Would you stand by and let someone walk in your house and beat your mother? Would you stand by and let two tyrants rape your people?


Well apparently the ones elected to put a stop to this abuse don’t have what it takes to do anything about it. They absolutely and without second thought Chicken-Shitted out of their promises that they campaigned for. They LIED to you.


Change begins when you refuse to be complacent, when you refuse to be afraid. Unlike the three elected on their lies of change, you can make a stand now by occupation and sacrifice. Find your own courage because even these liars run from a fight.




Our Time for Change is here Today

When a tyrant dies so does his power. The remaining decay becomes dust and forgotten memory. There are those who would believe that this tyrant will rise but this is false hope, in truth his body rots and becomes a stain upon the earth eaten by the worms of the earth. For the soul there is a price to pay, there is one last contract that needs to be fulfilled and that is to the lord of hell, in exchange for his tyranny he sold his soul long ago. The master of hell does not care who this tyrant was or who his followers were. He only comes to collect his soul to burn on his alter. MJ is gone, he will never return, he will never rise, he will never speak or walk in this reality ever again. The end of this tyrant means the end to his power, his corruption. His zealots may spew and spit the memory of what was, they may act as if they have their “plan” but these are only the last glowing embers of MJs fire of embezzlement and corruption. A new day comes tomorrow and with that day a new era in the history of our tribe begins. Our time for change is here today, our days for redemption are at hand. Run you little white political sluts, run you who have chosen to brand yourselves with the sign of this tyrant. In the near future your debt will be paid back to the people as well. Your time is over, your era was buried with MJ, your power died with the last beat of his heart.

“Anger may in time change to gladness; vexation may be succeeded by content. But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life.”

Teton Thompson's photo.

Our Time for Change is here Today

When a tyrant dies so does his power. The remaining decay becomes dust and forgotten memory. There are those who would believe that this tyrant will rise but this is false hope, in truth his body rots and becomes a stain upon the earth eaten by the worms of the earth. For the soul there is a price to pay, there is one last contract that needs to be fulfilled and that is to the lord of hell, in exchange for his tyranny he sold his soul long ago. The master of hell does not care who this tyrant was or who his followers were. He only comes to collect his soul to burn on his alter. MJ is gone, he will never return, he will never rise, he will never speak or walk in this reality ever again. The end of this tyrant means the end to his power, his corruption. His zealots may spew and spit the memory of what was, they may act as if they have their “plan” but these are only the last glowing embers of MJs fire of embezzlement and corruption. A new day comes tomorrow and with that day a new era in the history of our tribe begins. Our time for change is here today, our days for redemption are at hand. Run you little white political sluts, run you who have chosen to brand yourselves with the sign of this tyrant. In the near future your debt will be paid back to the people as well. Your time is over, your era was buried with MJ, your power died with the last beat of his heart.

“Anger may in time change to gladness; vexation may be succeeded by content. But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life.”

Teton Thompson's photo.

The BIA Abortion

The BIA Abortion

The Blood Quantum Issue is a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Abortion

By Red Ghetto Rebel

The absolute fundamental responsibility for ANY sovereign civilization to progress is to maintain equality and respect for one another. We are all leaves of the same sacred tree. Whether we are light or dark in color, we all are born and exist equally from the original root of our sacred history. This has always been the traditional way of all Native people.

Today many of our own people preach the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Blood Quantum policies using their cultureless, Christian influenced, Pan-American Indian, extremists views. Through their own assimilated views they adopt and practice an ethnically racist agenda against their own people while thumping their BIA Bible.

Racism, no matter how you politically paint it, is Racism. To perpetuate this violence by justifying it with politically bigoted ideals isn’t tribal advocacy or tribal leadership at all… it is simply disrespect and dry-drunk stupidity.

Racist “Indians” are the worst racists because they create discrimination amongst their own people, shit-starters without a legitimate cause. They hide behind a deformed misinterpretation of our culture and or behind their old age, calling themselves “elders”… but true elders don’t spit on their own people and their own grandchildren.

Seldom do these “Indian” extremists accept others on the basis of character. But if they did, even if the only internal and external difference is the content of an individuals character, these ‘Indians” would still find a way to segregate one another with ethno-racist ideals. Because of this lack of respect and shame that they have for their own identity as an “Indian”, they regurgitate this ethnic racial political division within our communities and families.

This dysfunctional perverse behavior is detrimental to the future of our Native Nations. It divides us internally and because of this division the people become more and more dependent on the illusion that the “white” political parent can only find solutions to the tribes own problems. Through this chaos and hate our tribes become internalized victims of their domestically violent “Indian” racists while waiting for relief from the white man in the form of welfare handouts.

Our people have difficulty adapting to any form of “centralized” unity. The stereotypes that have been branded upon our people by mainstream “everything” are still a visible and painful scar upon the brow of our Native Nations and our generations.

Just as this branding scar of defacto-segregation between the full-blood and breeds has destroyed the confidence and unity in the many younger Native generations that have suffered at the hands of these useless racial stereotypes, so has the hand of this internalized racism shaken the hour glass of our culture hard enough so as to quickly expedite the end of our traditional customs that define who we are as a nation.

The tree of our people doesn’t discriminate against the color of its leaves. The seed of our culture, which was planted many generations ago, didn’t grow from just sunlight alone. Grandfather Great Spirit gave the raindrops of heritage and tradition to nourish the leaves and to strengthen its cultural root. But just as autumn changes the color of the leaves so does nature change our lives for we all eventually fall from the tree when our purpose is complete.

Today the tree of our great Lakota legacy is sick and contaminated with bad parasites and disease. It will die if this ethnic racism amongst its descendants continues on. As long as we fight amongst one another over Bureau of Indian Affairs Blood Quantum we will continue to destroy our future, our sovereignty, our hope and ourselves one percent at a time. This Bureau of Indian Affairs fractionating of our blood will eventually lead us all to a mathematical end, splitting our cultural existence into fractionated dust. This fact is what these racist “Indians” are too blind to see, they don’t realize that they cheerlead their own demise.

The BIA blood quantum policy is the racist pesticide that will destroy the root of our heritage. When the tree dies our way of life dies. Our identity ceases to exist. Why welcome the death of our heritage by spreading the Bureau of Indian Affairs poisons and scattering them around your own branches? If you hate who you are and cant control your jealously of those who aren’t then use that BIA political bleach and see if that will wash your brown skin off but don’t try to kill the tree of heritage for the future generations just because you are internally ashamed to be Lakota. Learn the root of your culture before you preach your misconstrued blasphemy with your bigoted racist ideals.

Our tribal nations are nations of many. We are the nations of warriors who, when tested, stood against the tides of assimilation. But realistically our ancestors would find us all strangers if they were alive today. They wouldn’t even know what we were and would probably think we were all enemies to them not because of our skin color or our inability to speak our language but because of our lack of self-respect. Respect is a universal language and it doesn’t take a genius to see when a person lacks it. We do not deserve to stand before them if we cannot unify like they did. If anyone died for us, full blood or not, it was our grandmothers and grandfathers.

It is because of their belief and traditional value of unity and their endeavor to always seek a fundamental resolve together when faced with insurmountable odds that we all are still here singing their ceremony songs, full blood or not. We all have a responsibility to improve our nations. We forget is that there is outstanding debt owed to our past that still needs to be reconciled as well. We owe them our unity. All our families have a blood equity invested in our tribal nations. Change and progress are symbiotic and are rooted in hope, they coexist together in unity and when they are properly delegated we all benefit and grow as a Lakota Nation or a Native Nation.

Our children still need the traditional custom of unity to ensure that we all benefit from our tribal resources into the future… they are the leaders of tomorrow. We must support any voice or leader whose destiny it is to ensure and remind us all that this nation belongs to all of us full blood and breed.

The ebb of our heritage continues today in all of us. But in order to ensure that our tribe doesn’t fall victim to the racist “Indians” and their politics of BIA yesteryear, and in order to ensure that our members are secure into the future… WE, together, must take the position of unity for the sake of tomorrows unborn no matter which old crony spews their racist rhetoric.

All of us of every generation need to find hope in one another. In doing so you take a stand to make sure that all have a voice in the success of our tribes. You can’t find success in the materialistic racist agenda of contemporary tribal ethnic cleansing or BIA blood quantum. Anyone who segregates their own people using the Bureau of Indian Affairs policies of blood quantum is guilty of ethnically cleansing their own relatives and should be banished.

Together we must first free our nation from the shackles that we clamp on one another. If we can simply begin by feeding our hungry, or sheltering our homeless, or protecting our children and grandchildren no matter what blood quantum they are… we nourish the root of change and unity for the future survivability of our families.

We are all leaves of the same tree and the root does not discriminate against the color of its own leaves. We all are equal in the sovereign fate of our people.




Native Oppressors do not Deserve Respect


By Red Ghetto Rebel

Oppression becomes an accepted way of life when the oppressed grow accustomed to their cage and their chains. When the subjugated accept their subjugation they live without hope within the prisons of their mind, passed on from one generation to the next. Freedom becomes a memory.

When our Lower Brule people, who have been so beaten down by the tyrant and his tribal council for more than 30 years, accepted their poverty and suffering as normalcy many years ago, they psychologically began to suffer from Stockholm syndrome or capture-bonding, a psychological phenomenon in which victims express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their Lower Brule Council oppressors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the oppressors actions and violent acts. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons, the victim and the victimizer where the victimizer intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.”

One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual’s response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the oppressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the oppressor (in this case the Lower Brule Council lead by Mike) they cease to be perceived as a threat. These “same values” can be the lack of humanity that this tyrant has had for his victims.

The oppressed begin to believe that his abuse was justified and that his actions, which pushed them all into severe violent poverty, was and is normal.

When confronted with the truth the tribally oppressed react in defense of their Lower Brule tyrant who politically and emotionally raped their families. They cannot walk out of their cage and cannot unshackle their chains without the fear that this tyrant placed in their psyche, their soul. These oppressive cages became their home and the shackles their culture. Rather than run for freedom they willfully “drink the poisoned Kool-Aid” and defend his politically violent abuse.

“Jandreau has been in the spotlight recently after a report by human rights advocacy organization showed that millions of taxpayer dollars meant to benefit the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation have disappeared throughout several years. The report accuses Jandreau and others of diverting money and concealing financial activity.”

There is one very important point to this story, it states “and others” meaning not only did Jandreau thieve from his own people but so did other council representatives as well.

The truth is always difficult to accept but it is the truth. You may want the truth to just stay hidden because change is sometimes always a tough reality to face but not this time. Mike is no longer Chairman… his tyranny died when his heart decided enough was enough.

You will fight with yourself, your feelings, your emotions and your fears… you will react and want to hide from the truth. You will lash out at those who have already dealt with their issues and have accepted that Mike was a tyrant and an oppressor and an abuser. The liberated see the truth and have embraced the freedom that they have waited for these many years.

No one can escape nature. No one escapes the reaper. He swings his sickle and even the tyrants can’t escape. If Mike believed himself to be immortal the reaper put his immortality to the test. Don’t bet a tyranny on your own megalomania, sooner or later tomorrow will bring your judgment day to your doorsteps.

Whether you like it or not, change is here. All those whispers of freedom that you made behind Mikes back have come to reality.

For the liberated victims that have stood against Mike’s oppression, this is a great time for our people. You who still hold onto the chains that he shackled onto your necks and live in the cages that he built for your families… you are free, let me be the first to tell you, to herald in this time of truth.

If you choose to continue to wear his shackles upon your neck as a show of respect for your oppressor then do so, one day you will finally come to terms with your own fears and throw them off by your own hand.

Mike will become a forgotten memory, a tyranny that once oppressed your children and grandchildren. His time will fade away lost to the sound of freedom and progress.

Those who fought and stood against his oppression will live on, the Lower Brule people will find their change and honor the hero’s who warned us about this evil and were thrown in jail for it.

Its true I have no empathy or pity or sympathy for Mike Jandreau or for Custer or for Dicky Wilson or for any tyrant who has continued the violent abuses and “crimes against humanity” committed against our native people. Hitler was an elder but no Germans give him empathy.

How can you give sympathy to a man such as this? You know what he did and why he did it, you aren’t so stupid as to not see what he did to your relatives, your families. He should have been banished long ago.

I stand by my warrior culture I don’t ride into battle to allow my enemy to oppress me. I ride toward them to be victorious over them. The church wants you to be forgiving because they have committed the most heinous and perverted crimes against your people, they have a lot to hide behind the bloody robes of the priests. So when a tyrant dies they brainwash you to proclaim your pity for him.

The Akicita way is to defeat them, show no pity, show no sympathy. Our enemy has fallen, we are victorious and for this I thank my ancestors for giving me the strength to stand up against him and not forgive this oppressor for the crimes that he has committed against our Lower Brule people.

Long Live all the Fighters.


Mike Jandreau is Finished!

Mike Jandreau is Finished!

The Lower Brule People are Liberated!

By Red Ghetto Rebel

Over these past few days we have been hearing words that Mike Jandreau is in critical care in Sioux Falls. We also have been hearing words on who would be in charge at this point in time.

The Jandreau clan has been making decisions as to who to appoint to Mikes seat but what they fail to grasp is that the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe isn’t a monarchy and the Jandreaus have no authority in appointing anyone. There can’t be an appointment by the family, as a matter of fact and tribal law the Vice-Chairman is the new Chairman under the circumstances that exist today.

There are six council officials. The votes were split down the center with Vice –Chairman Kevin Wright, Sonny Ziegler and Desiree LaRoche on the side of the people and on the side of the corruption are Mike, Orville “Red” Langdeau (Homosexual partner to mikes brother) and John McCauley (Who’s mother is Mikes sister).

Under any circumstance, if the current Chairman is either physically incapacitated or arrested then the Vice- Chairman automatically assumes the role of Chairman and a special Election is held to fill the remaining seat.

In this Great Plains Area the IRA tribal constitutions are basically the same they have a base structure. Mike, over these past 30 something years, has stripped the constitution illegally (or without referendum vote) of the ETHICS Sections to keep his history of corruption intact and his theft hidden from the people themselves.

But what Mike failed to anticipate was that he would fall at a time when he didn’t have one of his own cronies as Vice-Chairman. He may have stripped the ETHICS out of our Lower Brule Tribal Constitution but he left the chain of command intact thinking that when he retired he could roll in one of his dogs into the chairman seat.

As of today the Chairman of The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe is Kevin W. Wright. His role became legal once Mike had his heart attack and was taken to Chamberlain,SD who stabilized him and airlifted him to Sioux Falls where he remains in serious condition. The report from the hospital is that his brain was depraved of oxygen long enough to cause brain damage.

There are some people in this world that don’t deserve empathy, they don’t deserve forgiveness for the many violent and calculated crimes that they committed against our people. Mike could have changed his intent when he locked up elders in jail, or stole lands from the Zieglers, Goodlows, Thompsons, Johnsons, Grassropes, and money other families, or protected child molesters using the courts, or incarcerated and or fired those who spoke out against him and his family.

Truth be told Mike wouldn’t give a flying fuk if you had a family member in the hospital under the same conditions as he. Mike would make you beg for 50 bucks gas if you needed it and would, in the end, not even give it to you.

It is time for Kevin Wright, and the others, to assume the elected roles that they ran for and to make the change that they prayed for. There is absolutely no law that gives the Jandreau family the right to “Appoint” a successor, their corruption dies with Mikes dead brain matter, they are now in the same boat as the people that they violently oppressed.

A few years ago a tribal leader from Rosebud died from an ongoing condition, his son came to council and tried to assume his position on council because he said it was his right. The tribe escorted him out with the help of BIA law enforcement and stated that the tribes don’t live under a King and Queen monarchy, the Vice-Chair became Chair and his seat was replaced by a special election. The Exact same circumstance is applies here.

The leaders in the community should have an emergency community meeting and have Chairman Wright appoint his (New) Administrative Officer. Wright would then remove Scott Jones from his position and hold a special election to fill the empty council seat. Designate a primary election date and a General Election date and encourage all the other families to run one of their own members for council.

Chairman Kevin Wright it is time for you to be a leader, its time for you to step up, what more do you need? The Chairman seat was handed to you on a silver platter by the medicine men who drove the evil out of camp.

Under these circumstance… Mike Jandreau is finished he will never recover and will never return to his chairmanship. I call on all of you Lower Brule tribal membership who have been driven off by Mike Jandreau and his Bullshit, who have been oppressed into the violent depths of depression at home, who have been incarcerated for speaking the truth, who have been molested by mikes pedophile ring, who have been attacked by his family… I call on you to make your stand. Today is your day, you have been liberated by the sacred Canunpa, by the medicine root, by the tobacco, the Stone and the fire… It is time to give wopila.

When the warriors would get ready to go to war they purified themselves and together prayed to be victorious over their enemy. We have rode to the enemy and come back victorious there is no sympathy and no empathy for the enemy who kills your people. We move forward into a better time, and that time starts today.


The Invisible Victim

The Invisible Victim

By Red Ghetto Rebel

I sat and watched the sun fly by and I slept and dreamt the shadows away, waiting for a tomorrow that never came. The walls of this house echo with depression and my purpose is in vain. Packed into this cube with my uneasy anxiety trying to find the light of day in the eyes of my family. I exist in this cycle of aimless lucidity, waiting for the tick tock of humanity.

I am not free and I am not chained if anything I am the oppressed. The act of this assault comes from the violence around me in this everlasting burden of survivability. We all exist in the dysfunctional motion of corruption. Even as we warm ourselves under the sun, we all click past the notch in this mechanized pit of poverty. Did you ever cling to hunger and when was the last time a worry slipped past you down by the river?

We are victimized and abused by our own mental suffering put there by the branding iron of our reservations last generation. Trapped in this bucket on the evening sunset waiting for the darkness and all the creatures that scurry in its dusk. I am a pessimist and an anarchist because I have no choice. I was defeated long ago by the drugs and alcohol consumed by my parents and the welfare wellspring from which I flow.

We children are born of many fathers each connected to the umbilical cord of demoralized human-hood. The mother and the father no longer have the bond of love, they have the emotional scars of lust and addiction they breed their own afflictions. When we are born into this sadist temple our sacrifice begins. In through the maimed and beaten spirit world of our cluster housing we go, if we survive who knows.

Everyday is another slippage into the level beneath that which is above the horizon of human decency. Again this existence shivers in the presence of culture and yet again it shakes in the light of hope.

No searchlight guides us in this stormy prairie sea and not one helpless hand reaches out to pull us out of this uncertainty. If there could be any word to define the child plight in this depravity it would be insanity. The mothers and fathers are children themselves. Playing parent for the monthly bloody moon time of social insecurity. This welfare paycheck is the poison that is killing the base soul of our sanity.

The political vultures pick at the flesh of the dead and depraved future that bleeds suicide onto mother earth, while the lunatic leaders vomit laughter into their BIA snot rags as they molest their brood in the name of sovereignty.

The immoral Jandreau colors hide the black and white truth of poverty. Drunk off the fermented fruit of lies and greed these leaches suck to their hearts content the bile of tribal deformity.

The invisible poor haunt the streets of these reservation communities, the victims of chance, born into the ghetto singularity. A young mother with seven fathers can never escape poverty. The womb scarred by the culture of welfare and heart broken by the same.

Their eyes are watching you, they watch you wait for the next day and the next night. You may not see it but they are learning the culture of poverty and welfare by your example. The boys become fathers to many mothers and the girls become the mothers from many fathers. Ultimately and all waiting for the monthly payday promised them by a dysfunctional society.

There is no self worth in this primordial reservation Christianity. The soap shoved down the throats of our ancestors washed out our hope long ago.

If you want the truth of why the hanging tree still stands? You need only look at your own selfishness. There is no tall dark man taking the children, there is no spirit that is to blame for the suicides of these children. The evil is you and your own choices. The suicidal children lack hope and love from both their parents not a welfare check momma day fix.

They are the ultimate invisible victims of the reservation Indians. Only you can change it and only you can prevent it, if it’s not too late. Put down the meth pipe and the wine bottle, cast out your selfishness and materialism, close your legs and wear a condom but for fuck sake do something to save your children.